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YubiKeyAzureAuth shows how to integrate YubiKey two factor authentication with ASP.NET MVC 3 running in Windows Azure with a user store in SQL Azure.

A working demo of this project is available here: (you need a YubiKey USB-key to try this demo).

This project consists of a Azure (SDK 1.4) project with a simple ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Role where:
- Models/AccountModels.cs has been modified to authenticate YubiKey One Time Passwords (OTP's) against the Yubico authentication servers.

- aspnet_Applications
- aspnet_Membership
- aspnet_SchemaVersions
- aspnet_Users

then change the connection string in Web.Config
  • For a production scenario you would want to change the YubiKey API Key to your own key (even if the keys are not tied to particular YubiKeys). You can apply for your own key here:

See for more details on YubiKey and how to obtain keys for testing.

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